15 Helpful New Baby Tips and Hacks

15 Helpful New Baby Tips and Hacks

When you're exhausted, haven't showered in days, and covered in baby vomit, every little bit helps, right? It's a crazy ride but please remember that it doesn't last too long. Before you know it, they'll be running away from you and you will be missing those days of sleep deprived fun!

Below are 15 tips and hacks that will help you get through those first months.


1. Use the envelope openings in case of a poo-nami


Those envelope openings found on body suits are there for a reason! They make it easier to slip the body suit off your little one even in the messiest of situations. This prevents poo from getting in their hair, your hair, and God knows where else.  


2. If you are planning to use a swaddle, make sure you know how to use it.


baby swaddled, baby wrapped in swaddle

There's nothing worse then wrapping up your baby in a swaddle blanket and seeing a leg or arm wriggle free. Swaddling is great for little ones and helps soothe them to sleep. 

Here is a quick run down of how to swaddle a baby:

  • Place a swaddle blanket on a flat surface (like your bed) like a diamond
  • Fold down the top part of the blanket down to the middle so you have a nice flat even edge
  • Take your baby and gently lay them on the blanket so the flat edge is at their neck
  • Hold your baby's arms flat against their body and bring one corner across their body and tuck it under neath them. Make sure to leave one arm free (I made that mistake!)
  • Take the bottom corner and fold is over your baby's free arm and tuck it behind their shoulder
  • Pull the remaining corner across your baby and tuck the swaddle blanket underneath their body


3. Don't keep your baby awake for longer than 90 minutes.

This was my mistake. I was really eager to keep little bub away until daddy got home. All we got was tears and all mighty shrieking. Do your little bub a favour: make sure he gets some rest every 90 minutes.


4. And....sleep when they sleep.

You're going to need the rest so forget about the housework, the dishes, the fact that you must make that lunch date with the other yummy mummy. Give yourself a break and sleep.


5. Don't be afraid to put your baby to sleep with some background noise.

baby asleep in bucket, baby asleep outside in bucket


It seems counterintuitive but babies do sleep better with a bit of noise in the background. Heck, I had someone power drilling in my house and my little bub miraculously slept through it. If you don't, you'll end up with a light sleeper that will wake up at the drop off a pin. So, go head and power up that vacuum if you must!


6. Put a plastic hook on the back of your baby's high chair. 


plastic white hook, new baby hack,

Use it to hang up bibs or even muslins to clean up spills. It's simple but effective.


7. Use a makeup brush to put nappy cream on your baby's bottom.

make up brush, nappy cream on baby bottom


This sounds pretty unusual but when you're changing 20 diapers a day, you will find yourself constantly wiping nappy cream off your hands. So, why not use a make up brush! You can spread the cream evenly and liberally all over baby's bottom and no mess!


8.  Black out curtains are a must have in your baby's nursery.

They keep babies sleep for longer and help them get to sleep. Sleeping baby = happy mummy


9. Use your baby gift box to make a portable diaper box!

 baby gift box, nappy box, portable nappy box,

Tired of constantly going to your baby's room for wipes or nappies? Your baby gift box can make an excellent portable diaper. Fill it up with nappy cream, nappies, wipes, lotion, or anything else that you need.


10. Before you leave the house, make sure to pack an extra top for yourself. 

You never know when your baby will decide to spit up on you or worse. So, take an extra top for yourself when heading out with your little baby.


11. Put newspapers underneath the high chair if your baby is a messy eater

 When your baby is finished eating, simply scoop up the newspaper and throw them in the recycling bin. Easy! No more scrubbing floors 5 times a day. Any food that doesn't make it in their mouth falls onto the newspapers. 


12. If your baby doesn't want to sleep, try putting her in a baby carrier.

Your hands are free so you can do chores around the house and even...gasp... feed yourself. The swaying motion helps put baby to sleep and she'll be comforted by the sound of your heart beat.


13. Wear an apron or a lab coat when getting baby ready in the mornings.

Getting ready for work and don't have time to change? Put on an apron or a lab coat to cover up your nice clean clothes. Any baby spittle, vomit, drool, or snot will rub off on the apron instead of your clothes. When you're ready to leave the house, simply take the apron off.


14. If your baby poos, give it a few minutes before changing him.

Sometimes you will be midway changing a nappy when your baby will decide to poo again and again and again. The next time your baby poos, don't immediately jump to change him. Wait a few minutes, even 10 minutes to make sure they have finished pooing. There's nothing worse then trying to change a nappy only to have a poo-nami. 


15. And last but not least......enjoy your time with your baby.

The first six months they change so much and it's hard to believe that they were once that small. Don't sweat over the small stuff and quit comparing yourself to others. Your baby is a unique little person so don't feel like they must be sleeping through the night or shouldn't wake up to snack. Try to get to know your baby and do what works best for all of you.







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