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5 Benefits of Organic Clothing for Babies

The best part of being a parent is dressing up your little one in cute sleepsuits and pulling socks onto wriggling toes. There are so many tiny outfits to choose from in a range of colours.

We spend a lot of time fussing over colours and patterns when shopping for baby clothes but we rarely stop to think of the fabric the outfit is made of.

Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric which makes it excellent for a baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Synthetic fibres are often treated with chemicals that can irritate a baby's skin. This can cause rashes and irritate a baby's skin so it is best to avoid these fabrics especially with premature babies.

If cotton is already great for a baby's skin, why choose organic infant clothing? 

Here we explain the 5 benefits of buying natural and organic clothing for infants and even yourself.


1.) Free from chemicals, pesticides, and other nasty toxins

Organic cotton and organic bamboo fabrics are free from harsh chemicals that can irritate a baby's delicate skin. 

Even though cotton is nature's natural fabric, modern farming techniques involve using pesticides. Any pesticides and chemicals are eventually removed but these are not good for the environment. This is one of the reasons why it's important to wash all clothing and bedding that can come in contact with baby's skin.

Many synthetic fabrics are treated with flame retardants that never wash off. These chemicals can be irritating to a new baby's skin and can cause rashes. Choosing an organic option such as cotton or bamboo will ensure that your baby does not come in contact with any harsh toxins.


2.) Great for prevention of allergies

 Baby's are prone to allergies from certain chemicals especially when they are so young. This is why doctor's recommend unscented and unfragranced soaps and detergents. 

If you do notice your baby develop rashes or allergies, check what your baby is wearing. It could be that your baby has an allergy to non-eco friendly clothing. Switch to organic clothing for a few days to see if the rashes go away. 


3.) Organic baby clothing is natural 

 Bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly and requires less resources to produce than synthetic fibres. It requires very little water to product and can grow up to 2 - 3 feet per day.

Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which makes it a great choice for newborn babies and even infants. Bamboo is a very soft fabric and can help with regulating a baby's body temperature. It warms your body when you are cool and cools your baby when you are warm. Babies need extra help with regulating their body temperatures and bamboo can help.

Like bamboo, cotton is a natural and breathable fibre that can be grown without the need of any synthetic processes.


4.) Buying organic can save you money

 Baby clothes need to be washed more frequently than adult clothing. Organic fibres can last up to five times longer than non-organic clothing.

Organic infant clothing can cost more money than non-organic clothing options. In the long run, organic options will end up saving you money.


5.) Better for the environment 

 One last benefit of organic clothing is that it is better for the environment.  Organic fibres are not made with any chemicals, toxins, or harsh dyes found in non-organic clothing. It is also farmed with out putting harmful chemicals into the environment which can eventually make their way in our waterways.

Not only is organic fibres better for your baby, it is an eco-friendly and ethical choice. Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertiliser to grow and requires less water than cotton. 


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