Caring for New Baby Clothes

Caring for New Baby Clothes

I absolutely loved buying new baby clothes for my little girl while I was pregnant. I imagined dressing her up in tiny dresses and little booties. After every shop, I folded them away in her dresser waiting for the time to finally dress her up and show her off to the world.

What I didn't spend too much time thinking about was caring for her clothes. This is just as important as buying clothes made of breathable cotton and ensuring you have enough layers to dress them in.

Would our normal washing liquid work for her clothes? What exactly is the difference between Bio and Non-Bio washing liquid? Should I dry her clothes in the dryer instead of the clothes airer?

These are some of the questions that were whirling around in my mind. The truth is that babies are born with delicate skin and need time toughen up. They are sensitive to harsh chemicals and dyes so special attention must be taken when cleaning baby clothes. This is also true for other baby necessities such as muslins, swaddles, bedding, and sheets.

 Here's a handy picture that breaks down the Do's and Don'ts of caring for baby's clothes.

Tips on washing new baby clothes 


A few other details to remember:

Always check the care label and follow the instructions. Most baby clothes and accessories should be washed in warm water but others need to be washed using cold water.

When drying baby clothes, simply use a clothes airer. Putting baby clothes in the dryer will ruin them faster. 

Non-Bio laundry detergent is specially made for delicate baby skin. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and perfumes so is unlikely to cause any irritation.


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