Fun activities to do with your baby or little one: The Local Park

Fun activities to do with your baby or little one: The Local Park

The weekend doesn't mean driving long distances to have fun with your baby. A local park can offer enough stimulation and fun for your little baby. 

A few must haves to take with you on your park excursion:

        • A picnic blanket 
        • Some toys
        • Sunscreen for babies or kids
        • A healthy packed lunch
        • bucket set for the sand pit
        • Hat
        • Spare clothes (just in case)

Once you're packed and ready, it's time to have some fun!

  • Most babies love playing in the sand pit but some need a bit of convincing. To introduce your little baby to the feeling of sand, sit them on the edge of the sand pit. Take their little hands and encourage them to touch and play with the sand. Or take their shoes off and let their feet get used to the feeling of sand.

Toddler playing in sand pit, playground play, red shovel


  • After all that playing in the sandpit, your baby might want to play on the swings. Try alternating the speed: swing her a little faster, maybe slower. Teach her the difference between fast and slow. Encourage her to look around the park and do some people watching.
  • Why not have your baby explore the park? All that running around and discovering new things will sure tire him out. It will make nap time a lot easier, trust me on this one!


  • Have a picnic lunch with your baby. Spread the blanket on top of the grass or under a tree. Put some toys and snacks on top of the blanket and let them eat a snack or lunch. It'll be different than sitting in a high chair and they'll relish the freedom of being able to crawl around the blanket (or grass!).
  • If your park has a duck pond, show your baby how to feed the ducks. They will love throwing bread at the ducks and watching them eat. Try counting the ducks or practice quacking like a duck. They will love hearing you imitate the ducks so give it a go!
  • Don't forget to take your baby to the local park cafe if there is one. Some of these cafes have play areas for small children and babies so your baby can be entertained while you try to relax with a coffee.

 So, go ahead! This weekend take your baby to the park and watch them explore the world around them. Don't forget to take pictures!

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