An Interview With Louise from Pooter!

An Interview With Louise from Pooter!

I first discovered Pooter Gifts a few months ago and have been in love with their books ever since. The beautifully illustrated pages are filled with colourful pictures and phrases. I was delighted by the hardcover books and was surprised to see two matching socks included! One for the new baby and one for the new parent or grandparent.

I wanted to learn more about the creators behind Pooter Gifts and caught up with Louise recently.

1.) Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Pooter Gifts. 

Myself and my husband had an idea over 10 years ago. We left Australia 6 years ago after living there for 12 years and I had left my full time job.  When we came back to Ireland I decided I needed to make and sell something and that’s when Pooter was born.  I am from a marketing background and my husband is the creative genius.

 2.) The colourful pictures on each page are absolutely brilliant. How did you come up with your designs? 

Again, the husband is a creative genius. He has a way with illustrations.  We both wrote the gift books together but his designs are unique and very character based. 

3.) What's an average day look like for you now that you're the boss? 

I have 8 year old twins so working around them and the family is apriority.  When you work your own hours it is a lot easier than working for someone else.  My day is get up, answer emails or pressing orders, take the kids to school, gym for a class, back to the desk then work till I have to pick the kids up again, homework, after school classes of some sort, dinner then if I need to work I do.

4.) How do you maintain a work life balance? 

Im lucky because I can work the hours I need to. I tend to not do any work at the weekend so time for the family, but I am lucky.

5.) What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

My kids.  They are cute.

6.) What are your three takeaways when building up the brand / product?

Exposure andperseverance. Get the brand in front of the right people, retailers, online companies etc.  Sometimes I nearly act like a stalker. I am passionate about the gift books and once people can see them theyusually buy them.

7.) What do you do in your spare time? (if you have any) 

Sleep and eat.


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