Product News: Organic Baby Massage Oil

Product News: Organic Baby Massage Oil

An oil is often used when massaging a baby since it is excellent for relaxation and creates an  opportunity for mother and baby bonding. The kind of massage oil that you use on your baby's skin will largely depend on whether or not your baby has eczema or some other skin condition. If your baby has eczema then a gentler oil high in linoleic acid is best.

Why linoleic acid? It is a fatty acid that is beneficial in protecting your baby's skin. Baby massage oils that contain high amounts of linoleic acid are made of vegetable oils such as sunflower oil or grapeseed oil.  


 Little Green Radicals has developed an organic baby massage oil that is made of sunflower oil and all natural ingredients. Handmade in Dorset, it is a light blend of oils such as sunflower, apricot, and even chamomile. It has a nice, light texture that is not too oily.


Because it's made of natural ingredients and vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, it is a great choice for newborn babies with sensitive skin.


How to give your baby a massage

Before giving your baby a massage,ask your baby for permission before you begin. This serves as a cue for your baby that a massage is coming. Over time, she may even let you know if she is not in the mood!

Remove all jewellery before starting a massage since you don't want to scratch your baby's skin while you are giving a massage. Remember, this is an opportunity for you to bond with your baby and jewellry such as necklaces can get in the way. Ensure that nothing is way of giving your baby much needed attention and eye to eye contact.

  • Start the massage by putting a few drops of Organic Baby Massage oil in your hands. 
  • Rub your hands together and gently lift one of your baby's legs. 
  • Hold your baby's leg by the ankle with one hand and with the other, slowly massage your baby's thigh and gently rub their leg until you reach their ankle
  • Swap legs and do the same with the other leg.
  • When massaging your baby's stomach, move your hands clockwise instead of anti-clockwise. 
  • Hold onto your baby's foot and gently massage their feet by tugging each toe with your thumb and forefinger. 
  • Massage your baby's arm by taking hold of her wrist and using long, gentle strokes 

These are just a few movements that you can use to massage your baby. You don't need to be a skilled masseuse! Just experiment and be gentle when touching your baby. It's the skin to skin contact and the bonding time that are important.

Below is a video to show you just how easy it is.



When to start baby massage

You can give your baby a massage from birth. In fact, baby massage was originally developed as a way to give skin to skin contact for premature babies. 

The important thing is to use a baby massage oil that is gentle and suitable for baby's skin. The best oils for a newborn baby massage as ones that are organic and free from harsh chemicals. Baby's skin is delicate and more porous than adult skin so extra care should be taken when choosing a massage oil.


Baby massage as part of bedtime routine

A baby massage can be part of your baby's bedtime routine. After your baby's bath, use a few minutes to bond with your baby with a massage. Stimulate your baby by humming gently, singing, or simply talking to your baby.

After a few times, your baby will learn to expect the massage and it will become part of their routine. Remember to still ask for permission before giving your baby a massage. There may be evenings where your baby might not want a massage and may want to simply snuggle up with you!


Organic Baby Massage Oil £9.99 by Little Green Radicals



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