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About Us

I love giving gifts to people and watching them unwrap something that I've specifically chosen for them. It's a passion that I've always had. The anticipation of watching their faces light up when they open one of my gifts is something that I love. I can spend hours in shops deciding on that perfect colour or item.

Angelica arrived in 2014 and I was given many gifts from well wishers but very few were really useful. I started Mini Me Gift Box Shop in early 2017 since I found it was difficult to find gift boxes for babies. I found the high street shops lacked originality and creativity. Mini Me Gift Box Shop is for those who want to send something extra special to new parents to welcome their new arrival. 


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I make sure that all of our baby gift boxes are filled with essential baby items for those first few months.  As a mum, I know that bibs, muslins, and baby clothes are all useful items that are needed for those first few months. Babies also need to feel safe and a cuddly plush toy is included in many gift boxes. 

And don't forget about mum! She's special too so I've made sure my baby gift boxes include a gift for mum. I can't tell you how it felt to see so many gifts for the new baby and realise that I hadn't received anything! 

The baby gift box can also be used as a keepsake box to store all of your baby's precious memories. You can add their first shoes, first outfit, and anything else that you find. Be creative decorate your baby keepsake box to make it special and your own.

I am a true believer in supporting local business which is why many of our products are made right here in the UK. 

I even make things easy for you by including your own personal message in the new baby card and shipping your specially chosen baby gift box right to the new parents. I ship anywhere in the UK and wrap everything inside with tissue paper to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it left us.

So go ahead, send a hand packed baby gift box to that new mum!


Izabela x


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