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Dropshipping and Wholesale Opportunities


  1. ****Our drop shipping programme is now closed to new applicants.********

Are you a UK based business or non-UK business that is looking for new products to sell? Do you have a You Tube, Facebook, or Twitter following and think that your audience will love our products, why not try dropshipping?

We offer a 15% commission rate on all sales with no minimum order value. Please no Ebay or Amazon businesses. This is for legitimate existing and new businesses looking to expand their product offering.

Once accepted into our dropshipping programme, you will receive access to un-watermarked photos on Google+. 

This is truly a great opportunity to partner with us and receive a commission on all sales. There are no signup fees unlike with other dropshipping programmes. 

  1. All you do is take the order from your own selling page.
  2. Place the order on our website using a special code that is unique to you. This will deduct 15% off the total order value.
  3. We ship the order direct to your customers without our branding on the gift boxes. You can supply your own logos and we can add these to the gift boxes.

New businesses are welcome! Please contact Izabela at with all of your business information.

Once approved, we will contact you with next steps.



We offer a range of wholesale baby girl, baby boy boxes, new mum gift boxes, and unique gift ideas at 25% off the online price. 

Depending on the items and your location, 4 - 10 workings days are required for delivery. Some international locations may require a longer lead time for delivery so please check with us.

A minimum order £150 is required and you will receive unwatermarked photos for your site.

Please no Amazon or eBay businesses. This opportunity is for legitimate existing or new businesses that are looking to expand their product range.

Please contact Izabela at with all of your business information.

Once approved, we will contact you with next steps. 


Gift Box Design

We can also help with designing a range of gift boxes that are unique to you and your store.

We can source unique items for gift boxes for new parents, babies, and infants. 

Email Izabela at or use the contact form to find out more.





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