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Large Size Luxury Gift Box - Choose from 3 colours!

Large size gift box perfect for baby and new mum gifts boxes . Choose from 3 colours! Each sturdy gift box has a changeable ribbon.

Large box has a 40mm depth flap and 800mm length x 25mm width. 

The large gift box can fit the following:

  • 1x cellular blanket and 7 additional items such as a baby grow, scratch mittens, bib, sleep suit, soft toy, and 2x pairs of socks
  • 1x soft toy 8 - 10cm and 6 additional items such as a baby grow, bib, scratch mittens, muslin, baby soap, and a keepsake.

Please note that this is approximate so if you are unsure, just check with us before placing your order. If any items will not fit inside the gift box, we can wrap them separately and ship them at the same time.

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